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Changes to Employment Standards

Thursday 24, March 2016

As from 1 April 2016, the minimum wage will increase from $14.75 per hour to $15.25 per hour. Although many … Continue reading →

The employer’s obligation for safety in the workplace

Saturday 12, March 2016

The national statistics on safety in the workplace on farms are sobering.  Since the Pike River mining disaster, the number … Continue reading →

Health and Safety Culture in the Primary Industry

Friday 16, October 2015

Although the primary industry is the backbone of our economy, it has one of the highest percentages of injuries and … Continue reading →

A Hollow Victory for Employers

Friday 16, October 2015

Employers should find some comfort in a recent Employment Court decision denying an employee financial remedies because his animal cruelty … Continue reading →

Employment Disciplinary Procedures

Tuesday 11, August 2015

At the recent update hosted by the Employment Relations Authority we were reminded how crucial it is for employers to … Continue reading →


Friday 31, July 2015

With the drop in the milk payout it may be tempting to cut costs by reducing staff numbers.  However, as … Continue reading →

Averaging of Pay in the Rural Sector – Timesheets are Essential

Wednesday 20, August 2014

A topical issue for many farmers is the common industry practice of averaging wages for employees over the season. There … Continue reading →

New Contract Milking Agreement

Monday 3, March 2014

BlackmanSpargo has revised its contract milking agreement. The new agreement contains a number of clauses which are not available under … Continue reading →

90-Day Trial Periods

Tuesday 16, July 2013

Employers can offer employment on a trial period of up to 90 days. During this trial period if an employee … Continue reading →

The Employer’s Obligation for Safety in the Workplace

Tuesday 16, July 2013

The national statistics on safety in the workplace on farms are nothing short of appalling. It is a sobering fact … Continue reading →