Posts from February 2014

Contact us with Skype

Wednesday 26, February 2014

Skype is a fabulous way of connecting people.  It allows you to make free telephone and video calls over the … Continue reading →

Keeping Farming in the Family by Ian Blackman

Tuesday 25, February 2014

In December 2011, I wrote a book called “Keeping Farming in the Family – a guide to farm succession”. My … Continue reading →

Protecting Your Deposit

Tuesday 25, February 2014

The Environment With the economic downturn and many businesses still struggling to make ends meet, inevitably some businesses are still at … Continue reading →

Independent trustees deemed to have the same intention of the other trustees, even if that intention was unknown

Monday 24, February 2014

A topic of continual interest and discussion is the use of the family trusts in New Zealand to undertake business … Continue reading →